Meet Jeff Booher

Jeff is a licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer who has worked with and helped many of the top athletes from all of the major sports.

“As a physical therapist and athletic trainer, I have worked with golfers for over 19 years.   I have worked with and trained professional golfers from the PGA Tour, to the collegiate and amateur golfer, to the beginning golfer.   The biggest difference I have noticed between the novice golfer and the advanced golfer is that ability to use and rotate the hips during the golf swing.   It is the efficient movement pattern of the hips that I have found to separate a good golfer from a great golfer.   This is the exact reason I developed the Peax Power Shorts…to train you and your body to become more efficient and powerful in your golf swing.

Wear them on the driving range, wear them as a training aide, wear them on the golf course…it’s that easy!”

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