Peax Power Shorts for Baseball


In today’s baseball world, players are being taught more efficient movement patterns to generate more power in the swing.  This power is provided by the hips which should be used to drive your swing.

The strongest and largest muscles in your body are found in your “core” and attach to the hips.  These muscles are significantly larger and stronger than the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest.  Therefore, it makes sense that your swing should be initiated in a fashion that maximizes the use of your larger, stronger muscles.  The hips, and more specifically the rotation of the hips, are what drives your swing and provides power.  This increased power will result in generating more bat speed.


Baseball experts have used phrases such as “Bat speed and power come from the hips”, “Attack the ball with the hips” and “Hips before hands”.   Now, with Peax Power Shorts, you can use the power of your hips more effectively by activating potential energy into kinetic energy which will generate more bat speed resulting in more power!   This is achieved through strategically placed Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) energy bands which work to store and convert the energy of an athlete’s movement, which might normally be lost, into increased speed and power.


Also, the compression aspect of the Peax Power Shorts will provide much needed warmth and support to the muscles of the hips, muscles essential to the baseball swing.   This will help reduce muscle fatigue, strain and soreness while decreasing muscle oscillation helping the muscles become more efficient and less fatigued.

In Baseball, the Peax Power Shorts can help:

  • Initiate the swing from the power of the hips
  • Generate more bat speed
  • Increase distance and power with hitting
  • Enhance movement patterns for a more efficient swing
  • Train the body and the brain as to what it “feels” like to initiate the swing with the hips
  • Decrease the risk of upper extremity injuries by utilizing the large, strong muscles of the hips and core
  • Decrease fatigue in the muscles promoting hip rotation by supporting their action during the swing
Baseball Swing