Peax Power Shorts for Golfers


Golf experts and teaching pros agree that one of the most important moves in golf is the first move of the forward swing.   During the takeaway of the golf swing, the hips and shoulders rotate back as the body “coils” up storing much energy.   The “recoil” of this action is what creates the large amount of energy that will be transferred through the body and into the ball.   This “recoil”, or unwinding, needs to be started with the hips.

It is this movement pattern which separates the professional golfer from the amateur golfer.   Great golfers initiate the downswing from their lower body generating much power.   This power is transferred from the hips to the trunk, from the trunk to the upper body and arms, which in turns transfers this power through the club and into the ball.   This provides much more club head speed resulting in increased distance.   It is this movement pattern that allows golfers to hit the golf ball with great distance with what appears to be very little effort.   Their secret is using the power of the hips!


When a golfer does not initiate the downswing with the hips, the tendency is to “overswing” with the upper body in an attempt to make up for lost power.   The result is less efficient movement patterns resulting in decreased power and distance, unwanted swing faults and increased stress on the shoulders, elbows and wrists making golfers more susceptible to injury.

Golfers can be told over and over that they need to swing with their hips, but if a golfer doesn’t know what it “feels” like to initiate the swing with their hips, it will never be accomplished.


The solution has finally arrived!   Peax Power Shorts will help train you and your body to what it feels like to rotate the hips in the forward swing.   The Peax Power Bands will enhance your movement pattern by activating potential energy into kinetic energy for increased club head speed resulting in more power and distance. The key is strategically placed Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) energy bands which work to store and convert the energy of an athlete’s movement, which might normally be lost, into increased speed and power.

Also, the compression aspect of the Peax Power Shorts will provide much needed warmth and support to the muscles of the hips, the most important muscles utilized in the golf swing.   This will help reduce muscle fatigue, strain and soreness while decreasing muscle oscillation helping the muscles become more efficient and less fatigued.

In Golf, the Peax Power Shorts can help:

  • Connect the hips to the body in the golf swing
  • Promote early hip rotation in the golf swing
  • Increase club head speed during the forward swing
  • Increase distance and power
  • Enhance movement patterns for a more efficient swing
  • Train the body and the brain as to what it “feels” like to initiate the swing with the hips
  • Decrease the risk of upper extremity injuries by utilizing the large, strong muscles of the hips and core
  • Decrease fatigue in the muscles promoting hip rotation by supporting their action during the swing
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