Peax Power Shorts for Tennis


In tennis, most forehand and backhand racquet head speed comes from the rotation of the hips and not from the arms and legs.   Therefore, to be a great tennis player, you need to be able to channel the power from the hips and utilize this energy for a more powerful, effective swing.


By using Peax Power Shorts Deluxe, you can initiate both the forehand and backhand swing in a more efficient way by using the power of hip rotation through potential energy activation.   This will not only lead to more power and ball speed off of the racquet, but will take less stress off of the upper body making you less susceptible to upper extremity injuries.

Woman playing tennis

In Tennis, the Peax Power Shorts can help:

  • Increase speed and power
  • Enhance movement patterns for a more efficient swing
  • Train the body and the brain as to what it “feels” like to initiate the swing with the hips
  • Decrease the risk of upper extremity injuries by utilizing the large, strong muscles of the hips and core
  • Decrease fatigue in the muscles promoting hip rotation by supporting their action during the swing