The first compression shorts for rotational sports!

Potential energy activates into kinetic energy to improve performance.

Release Your Energy

It’s all about the HIPS!

Do you ever wonder why the swing of a professional golfer looks so smooth and easy?

The answer is simple!

It is because the movement patterns of their hips are so efficient.   They are able to generate their power and club head speed from their hips; therefore, they don’t have to “over swing” with their arms and upper body.   With the Peax Power Shorts, now you too can learn how to properly incorporate your hips into your golf swing making it much more efficient and much more powerful, while taking the stress off of your upper body.

The Benefits of Compression Shorts

More and more athletes from all sports are wearing compression shorts during athletic competition due to the numerous benefits that they provide

Keep muscles warm

Keeping the muscles of the hips and thighs warm during activity will reduce muscle strain and soreness.


The muscles of the hips and legs are supported by the compression shorts.   This support will reduce muscle oscillation during activity which decreases the amount of energy expended making movements more efficient.


Made of spandex material, compression shorts provide comfort as the athlete moves in different positions.


Compression around the hip muscles may improve blood circulation reducing the use of oxygen.  Studies have shown a lower aerobic energy cost among athletes wearing compression shorts.

Decreased Fatigue

The amount of lactate retained in the muscles is increased with compression shorts which decrease the amount that is released into the blood, thereby decreasing muscle fatigue.

Core Temperature

By wicking sweat from the body and allowing it to disperse faster, compression shorts can help cool the body during activity. Controlling the body’s thermoregulatory system can improve athletic performance.

Less Chafing

Acting as a barrier between the thighs, compression shorts will lessen chafing and skin irritation that can occur with friction.

Peax Power Shorts provide all of these benefits plus the extra advantage of activating potential energy into kinetic energy, which can:

  • Promote early hip rotation in athletic movements
  • Increase power and distance through improved rotational speed
  • Enhance movement patterns for more efficient athletic movements
  • Train the body and brain to know how it “feels” to utilize the power of the hips during athletic movements
  • Produce torque during skilled movements to generate increases in power
  • Reduce upper extremity injuries by incorporating the large, strong muscles of the hips and core during sports
  • Decrease fatigue in the muscles promoting hip rotation by supporting their action during the swing

Meet the product designer – Jeff Booher